Always aiming for a Perfect Ten.

Every client that I serve gets my very best each time they come in. I will never cut corners, never use substandard products, and never compromise quality for speed. I’m so blessed to have found my passion, and I work hard at it every day. The difference at Perfect Ten Nails is love!

Client health and safety is of the utmost importance, so I make it a priority to use products that keep this in mind. I use a high quality filtration system that provides a healthier environment with minimized dust. This decreases lengthy exposure to dust particles that can trigger allergies and inflame the respiratory system. Many salons use MMA product, a toxic acrylic that should not be used on nails. Instead I use top-shelf acrylic and gel systems that keep your health a priority. Rest easy knowing that all implements have been sanitized and cleaned to the highest standards!

Your nail appointments should be a time to relax and have fun! Have a complimentary snack and refreshment, catch up on some of those Netflix shows you never have time to finish, or just chill. This is your personal space to take some time just for YOU!